Wholesale Coffee

Our coffee is roasted locally in small batches and we take pride in sourcing high quality coffee from ethical producers. Freshly roasted coffee can be supplied for your business or event at wholesale pricing. 

Our permanent offerings are: 

We also regularly source feature coffees from around the world.  

Our pricing is as follows: 

(No taxes on coffee as they are considered a grocery item) 

Five LB Bag of Coffee, available whole bean or ground


One LB Bag of Coffee,

available whole bean

or ground.

          Wholesale $13 / Suggested retail $20

Sample Gift Box containing 1 x 100g bag each of CUPPA JILL, MRS. AND MR. JILL, VELVET HAMMER, and our feature coffee (Currently MONSOON MOON). Available in medium grind.

Wholesale $18 / Suggested retail $25

For more information, please contact us! We would love to work with you.