340g - 3/4lb


Origin: Jamaican Blue Mountain

Roast: Light

Flavour Notes: Balanced, Heavy Mouthfeel, Complex, Ripe Cherry, Molasses, Pecan, Dark Rum



Our newest release, ONE LOVE, is an extraordinary coffee sourced from two farms in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, both owned by renowned coffee scientist Dr. Sarada Krishnan. Dedicated to studying and preserving genetic variation in arabica coffee varieties, it is Dr. Krishnan's foremost goal to help coffee farmers continue to produce great coffee though facing the challenges of global climate change. 


ONE LOVE is truly an extraordinary find. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is exceptionally difficult to source: Jamaica is a small island with limited land dedicated to coffee production, as well as rigorous standards that maintain the country's profile in the upper echelon of coffee quality and pricing. Due to their amazing reputation, many farms are owned by foreign investors and their harvests rarely make it to auction market.

But it is not exclusivity that makes a coffee connoisseur swoon.

Coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica has an exceptionally long growing season, ten full months. The coffee cherries develop slowly in the cloudy high altitude, creating a denser bean imbued with unmatched delicate flavour and nuance. Fruity and complex, with rich molasses and dark rum, the creamy mouthfeel of this coffee will delight your palete.


Due to the limited supply and expense of this offering, we will be selling ONE LOVE differently than our other coffees.

ONE LOVE will be available for presale for $60 per 340g

To optimize your experience of this exquisite coffee,  ONE LOVE will be available for presale online or through us directly at St Norbert Farmer's Market (Which continues through the winter! We are still there every Saturday!)  This will allow us to ensure the freshest possible roast for you to enjoy. We will either arrange a pickup location with you, or deliver the coffee to your home within the City of Winnipeg.

With the Holiday season approaching, some of you may want to consider this as a gift option: ONE LOVE is sold in a labelled box with tissue and written material to elevate the coffee experience. 

We are currently planning our second delivery/pick up for November 21, and our third and final delivery/pickup for December 19, so if you are interested in enjoying or sharing this epicurean escape, please order before November 17 for the second roast, or by December 15 for our final roast. We are happy to book you in advance for future roasts at any time. Our only caveat is that we only have one wooden barrel to share, so booking in advance will be crucial to guarantee that you don't miss out! 


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