Single Source


Origin: Malabar Coast, India

Roast: City

Flavour Notes: Medium Body, Spicy, Earthy


1lb bag


This fine coffee from the Malabar coast of India has poetry in its origin; these coffee beans have met with transformative winds, echoing centuries-old processes.


During the rule of the British Raj, wooden ships laden with silks, spices, teas, and coffees were barraged with ocean winds and brine as they sailed home to Europe around the Cape of Good Hope, the southern-most tip of Africa.


To mirror this process, harvested coffee beans are washed, dried, sorted, and then "rested" in well-ventilated warehouses for three to four months, exposing the beans to the monsoon winds. The result is a swelling and yellowing of the beans as they ripen, and a full-bodied cup of coffee with neutral acidity and earthy flavours of spice, chocolate, and nuts.

Monsoon Moon