1lb / 454g


ROAST: Medium

FLAVOUR NOTES: Cocoa, Chocolate, Caramel, Light Fruit


Welcome back to PERU!!!


Before your eyes can adjust to the morning sun, She will envelop you with a warm embrace. Her slightly acerbic wit nudges your sleepy brain to catch up; her nutty humour makes you smile as you melt into your second mug of coffee. Cocoa and chocolate notes mingle with a sweet, fruity caramel, charging you up for the day ahead. She'd love to share the morning with you, adding something special to your daily routine.




For a children’s card game, the images are pretty loaded:


One card depicts an elderly woman, her bespectacled face drooping into a miserable, yellow-toothed scowl.


Another card portrays a slovenly woman, a hairy mole sprouted from her upper lip. She frowns as she feeds scraps to the cats that weave around her cankles.


The Old Maid. She eats at a table for one. She reads books. Her only friends are birds and cats. She drinks tea. And she is always alone.


Honestly, the images of these purposefully unattractive “old maids” occasionally haunt her.


Just a little.


But that's ridiculous! Here she is in the middle of her life: an accomplished, intelligent, charming, attractive woman. It is disheartening to think that anyone could consider HER as being “leftover”. From what? She has an education, she has travelled the world, fallen in and out of love, has built a career then changed her mind and built a better one. An amazing group of friends surround her: she has confidantes when she needs them, and she can cocoon in her privacy if she likes. There is nothing in her life that is unfulfilled. She doesn’t have to justify not getting married (yet?) or having kids (yet?): she’s just living life on her own schedule.


If her life was a novel, it would be a choose your own adventure book. As the twisting and turning path unrolled before her, she did her best to make good choices: some for fun, some to learn, and some because her heart wouldn’t let her choose otherwise. Some of her adventure, as for all of us, was chosen by Life. But she refused to let social expectation influence HER adventure.


Regardless of cultural labels that society might foist upon her, just as she has chosen her own path, she has chosen her own label, and she is “Self-Made”.

SELF-MADE (Medium Roast)