1lb / 454g

ORIGIN: Rwanda

ROAST: Medium

FLAVOUR NOTES: Sweet, balanced, with mild acidity; Blackcurrant, Floral Tea, Caramel



At first taste, She’s delicate and balanced, but do not mistake her softness as passivity. Though Her words are sweet, in a moment, you’ll find her mild acidity nibbling at the edge of your understanding of Her. Just as you recognize Her complexity, she’s gone.


You have another chance: pour another cup.


The next sip envelops you, a mesmerizing fusion of blackcurrant with a sumptuous rainbow of roses. How appropriate, you think, that she blooms on your tongue just like a rose: Rwanda’s national flower.


As your conversation continues, her sweetness thickens into a warm lingering caramel. You feel loved, supported, understood, and ready to take on the day. Every day.




“ELEVATE HER” is an exceptionally beautiful coffee sourced from the high-altitude hills of the Maraba region of Rwanda. Reminiscent of other East African coffees, you’ll taste clean fruit notes like berries and blackcurrant, mingled with aromatic florals, evoking the flavours of tea. The lingering finish is sweet, suggesting a rich caramel.


Rwanda bears a story of gender equality as complex as the experience of Her coffee.


When most of us think about Rwanda, we remember the country’s devastating 1994 genocide. In the aftermath of this tragic destruction, Rwanda has struggled to heal, thereby eliciting a cultural revolution placing gender equality and equal rights at the forefront of the country’s goals.


As of 2018, Rwanda ranks in the top 5 countries for gender equality, and as of 2020, Rwanda is one of only three countries globally with a female majority in national parliament. In fact, they have a mandatory minimum: 30% of the senators must be women.


Cultural transformation does not happen overnight, but what Rwanda experienced as a nation required it. In every day life, women are still playing catch up, caught in old ways of thinking about gender, relationships, and tradition. They didn’t have a “women’s movement” to inspire change; many women in Rwanda believe feminism is a “Western” idea that’s not for them. But the government’s goals and new laws commit them and support them to realize their full potential.


ELEVATE HER is inspired by the country She hails from and the people who handpicked these beans. There is hope in this story, for a future of fairness and equality for everyone.


If you need a lift or your day’s climb looks especially steep, take the “ELEVATE HER”.


Elevate Her (Medium Roast)

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