Jacked Up Jill Coffee is privileged to introduce this transcendent coffee:




Allow the sweet notes of Her honey process to greet you. The syrupy mouthfeel invites you to savour. This moment is best enjoyed with eyes closed. Shade-grown, our Queen is an exhaustive traveller: the “Geisha” arabica varietal originates from the wilds of Ethiopia, has been rediscovered and propagated in Costa Rica and Panama, and now She holds court in her new home, the Volcanic mountain of Suchitan, Guatemala. Recognized by the world’s coffee elite, our Queen has been honoured with a Q score of 93 (which in non-coffee-nerd language loosely translates to, unbelievably delicious!) Our Queen’s complex aromatics reward patient attention with overwhelming notes of red wine and malt, and subtle hints of pipe tobacco and baker’s chocolate. These flavours saturate the long, lingering finish.



She has been royalty since birth, but not because of Her name or genealogy. Deep from within, She exudes love, as full and resonant as a tympani, and as light and buoyant as laughter. How gentle a leader, to appear self-effacing, refusing the too-common misstep of colonization. Instead, She listens to others and is gratified by propagating the goodness She sees in the people around Her.


Jacked Up Jill’s Queen encourages us take the crown of our attention away from celebrity and aristocracy and offer it to the truly noble among us: those that care for others, for our community, and for our environment.