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She's a Southern Belle, but no wilting flower.

The magic of this coffee begins with its Red Honey process: the coffee cherry's skin is removed but the beans are set out to dry with the flesh of the fruit still intact.

This process infuses the coffee with subtle notes of sweet jasmine and red berries. A Half City Roast lightly toasts the beans, preserving the nuances of this refined, elegant coffee.

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 Grown by a Costa Rican women's Collective led by a mother and her three daughters, this delicate coffee is mild, yet powerful enough to lift your spirits and inspire conversation.


Direct trade with this collective supports the efforts of these resilient women, rewarding them with 99% of the coffees' profits. 


These beautiful beans celebrate these beautiful women: their tiring physical labour, respect for nature, a love of family and home, and the courage to take on the challenge of entrepreneurship.